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The Falconry Experience -
Full Day Bird of Prey Experience


The Falconry Experience - Full Day Bird of Prey Experience

Our ultimate full day experience enjoys a morning that mirrors the format of our half day experience, where you will experience flying an owl, hawk, kestrel or falcon.


On our comprehensive full day birds of prey experience, you will find yourself immersed deeper into the world of birds of prey as we bring species of ever increasing size and stature to your full day.

After a well earned lunch break (you will be invited to watch our 2nd daily public flying display during your lunch period, if your experience is taken during our summer ‘open’ season)  we will then introduce you to the second half of your full day (weather and the evolvement of our flying team can lead to changes in the exact bird teams used)

Experience the thrill of one of the super buoyant kites who float around on invisible air currents, be amazed at their agility as catch food on the wing that you will be lofting skywards into their flight path. If your timing is correct, the kite will catch the reward and eat on the wing before returning for the next enrichment catch.
Continuing on the theme of scavengers (kites are largely scavengers and carrion eaters) you may even have an opportunity to fly one of our vultures.

You will be amazed by these remarkable birds, you will get to learn of their critical status in the wild and how ensuring their viable future is secured,  which is critical to the health of the both the environment and that of the humans and animals that they share their territories with.

Your full days bird of prey experience will be combined with some behind the scenes work in the life of a falconer, and may even have an opportunity to take part in a training session with one of our birds who is still in development.


Each of these sessions throughout the day will help make this the ultimate bird of prey full day experience…





  • Our half day bird of prey experiences are available, 7 days a week, beginning at 10.30am

  • Once you have completed your purchase of a " Full Day Bird of Prey experience " below, we will contact you directly to discuss a day and date to suit.


  • Non participating guests are welcomed to join you (maximum of 10 non participating guests) at an additional fee of £50.00 per person which will be payable on arrival

  • If you are booking an experience for a child under 16 yrs , they will be required to be accompanied by a full paying adult


Please read The Falconry Experience Terms & Conditions prior to completing your booking





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Full day Bird of Prey experience - £195

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