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The Falconry Experience
Bird of Prey experiences - Terms & Conditions

All gift voucher sales, direct bookings for experience days, and servicing of the days are subject to the following terms and conditions.

  • All voucher sales and experience day purchases are provided with a letter explaining all booking procedures, weather considerations, clothing and footwear requirements, additional guests, etc. The Falconry Experience are not responsible for any situation arising that would be precluded by following the advice and instructions within the letter.


  • All vouchers are valid for a period of 10 months from the date of purchase. Vouchers will not be extended if a reservation has not been made within the life of the voucher period.


  • The Falconry Experience will not offer a booking for any voucher unless a valid voucher reference number can be provided by the guest.


  • In the case of emergency situations for the guest(s), the remaining life of a voucher period can be ‘suspended’ and reinstated at a later date, but only if notice is given within the vouchers original valid period.


  • Th Falconry Experience reserves the right to cancel any booked experience day (including at short notice) in the case of weather, ground conditions, or emergency, which represents a risk to the safety, security, or raises the risk of loss of any bird that should be included in the day. TheFalconry Experience will not be liable for any losses incurred by the guest(s) in this situation.


  • The Falconry Experience is not responsible for any losses whatsoever encountered by the guest, if a booking for an experience day as to be cancelled by The Falconry Experience due to foul weather, or any unforeseen, unforeseeable, or emergency situation.


  • If a voucher or experience day is booked within its valid period, but is cancelled by The Falconry Experience due to inclement weather, or any other emergency situation, the voucher or experience day may be re-booked, and an extension of the voucher period will be offered if required.


  • Refunds will NOT be given if a guest concludes that they no longer wish to use a voucher, or if they can’t find a suitable date to use their voucher. However, vouchers CAN be transferred to an alternative user, but ONLY following prior arrangement with The Falconry Experience


  • Unbooked guests arriving on the day of an experience will NOT be allowed to join the group. Additional guests can be added if space is available, but only through prior arrangement with The Falconry Experience


  • The Falconry Experience will not be responsible for damage or soiling to clothing or footwear worn during an experience day.

  •  The Falconry Experience reserves the right to exclude any guest, or stop any experience if instructions and requests by staff are ignored or refused. No refund will be offered or given if a guests behaviour, or refusal to follow instructions or requests by The Falconry Experience staff connected to the birds welfare, management, safety, comfort, or stress consideration, or any connection to land or equipment use.


  • The Falconry Experience will not be responsible for any injury, or loss caused through any injury suffered on an experience day resulting from failure to follow safety instructions, requests, or failure to properly use the safety equipment (falconry glove) as instructed.


  • The Falconry Experience reserves the right to immediately cease an experience day that is underway, should any member of their staff feel intimidated, threatened or undermined in any way whatsoever by any guest and no refund or rebooking will be offered to the offending guest, or any person included under their voucher reference.


  • No birds of prey experience's will be served, unless full payment for all guests and non-participating guests has been received by The Falconry Experience.

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