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The Falconry Experience
Pest Control


The Falconry Experience - Pest Control 

The characteristic predatory nature of birds of prey has enabled the falconry experience team to provide a natural pest-deterrent service at a variety of locations who are experiencing issues, for example, gulls or pigeons etc.


Whilst wild bird species are protected by legislation in the UK, it is still possible to come up with effective long-term and legal solutions.


We can provide a natural 'green' remedy in order to naturally help to deter these pests.


The fully-trained Harris hawks and falcons, under the control of the expert falconers at the falconry experience, are able to carry out flights over specific affected areas.

All flights by the birds of prey are scheduled according to the type or degree of problem.

The birds of prey will not attack nuisance birds, but will merely provide a perfectly natural deterrent.


The bird of prey programme we are able to offer, will provide a cost effective and natural solution to these problems.


If you think this service could be helpful to your business, please contact The falconry experience team to discuss how we maybe able to provide our natural pest control service   and potential costs


Prices start from £80 per hour

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